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Painkillers and Abuse

Commonly Abused Painkillers A person may never begin taking painkillers with the intent to become addicted, but the potential is always there. In recent years,prescription medication has become the second most commonly abused class of drugs in the world, and this is one dependency that no one should ever leave up to chance. Every individual […]


The Health Consequences of Painkiller Abuse

Painkiller abuse is one of the most prevalent and damaging forms of drug abuse. Due to the fact that painkillers are prescribed more than any other category of drug, it is easy for an unsuspecting patient to become addicted to opioid painkillers. Opioid addiction is a potential threat to anyone prescribed an opioid painkiller, because […]


10 Signs that You may Have an Addiction to Painkillers

A survey taken in 2009 indicated that more than five million people in the country admitted to abusing pain relief medications. Second only to marijuana use, the Drug Enforcement Agency estimates that now that number has risen to more than seven million citizens. The accidental death rate associated with painkiller use has also risen. Statistics […]


What are the Types of Prescription Painkillers?

Over the past several decades, a huge variety of prescription painkillers have been introduced. While these opiate prescription painkillers can be an extremely effective remedy for those who suffer from chronic pain, there are a variety of different problems that can occur after sustained use. One of the biggest issues that can result from use […]


The Most Commonly Abused Prescription Painkillers

Over the last few years, the use of illicit street drugs has decreased, and at the same time, the use of prescription painkillers has increased. In fact, the number of individuals who abuse prescription painkillers has grown substantially, and if current trends continue, abuse of prescription painkillers will become a much bigger problem than illicit […]


What is Opiate Addiction?

For a wide variety of reasons, more people than ever are finding themselves addicted to any number of opiates or opiate-derived drugs, and these addictions will almost always have devastating consequences. For the 2 million American’s that are currently struggling with an unmanageable opioid addiction and those closest to them, it is essential to understand […]